Capture cinematic videos with Luma 2.8

Cinematic video stabilization produces fluid camera motions never before seen on a handheld device. By using advanced motion retargeting algorithms Luma not only removes handshake, but also ensures that you get the smoothest possible shot. We could talk for days about the technology and the science that goes into making this possible on a tiny device like the iPhone. But really, what matters is the result, so we’ll let this video speak for itself.

Everything you see in this video was shot completely handheld with Luma. The motion retargeting algorithm automatically figures out the ideal camera motion (whether it’s a stationary, panning, dolly, or steadicam shot that you’re after) and retargets the video to match that motion. No need for expensive tripods or bulky mounts. Simply tap record and let Luma do the rest. It’s cine-magic.

We’ve also added new high quality filters in Luma 2.8. Filters are applied immediately and can be changed even as the video is playing. Coupled with real-time color grading, which lets you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure, you’ll be able to get that perfect shot every time.

We’re excited to see the stunning videos that you’ll capture and share with us in beautiful HD resolution on As for us, we’re already hard at work on the next major Luma update. Can’t wait to share more soon.

Until then, happy movie making!

– The Luma Team

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